Destiny Early Impressions – It’s Everything We Hoped, Just Needs Minor Updates


Olly Bennet – I can’t be the only one fed up with names like ‘Guardians’ or ‘Titans’ or giving the bad aliens names analogous with insects, like ‘Hive’ or ‘Swarm’. It would have been nice if they’d spent a bit more time and originality on the lore, basically. 

(More to come from Olly, these are just his first impressions off a short time with the game!)



I have been playing the game as much as possible, which has lead into a couple hours of gameplay. I will say that once you get going, the game really does get massive. The extremely low level cap shouldn’t deter anyone because the game continues in so many ways past that. This leads to some extremely fun leveling.

The good news is that the game basically branches so many genres together so well that it becomes a game for everyone! The bad news is that if you are only interested in one aspect of the game it loses some depth. It basically spreads itself thin, and thus any particular branch of the game could easily be expanded upon.

Again some more good news is that the game most likely will be expanded upon with a few quick patches. I’m sure Bungie is looking at it and finding ways to improve each aspect. The PVP area, fantastic! It’s addicting as heck and fun! I could spend hours just playing in the Crucible and with community events coming soon it will be even better. The only bad thing I found with PVP is that it’s pretty much a good idea to purposely suck at first. I went in as lvl 9 just to simply try it out, stomped a few games, and then I was suddenly put in games with lvl 20’s. I wasn’t the only one, basically everyone on my team was lvl 6-12 fighting lvl 20s. The problem with this is that the game has to not only balance skill level, but weapon levels as well. A person at a higher level will have access to much better weapons, and no matter how good you are you will be at a disadvantage when playing against them. This is why having games of level 9’s with level 20’s made no sense to me. That being said, once you get going, the system works extremely well. I got to around level 13 and I haven’t had an issue keeping up at all with level 20’s.

The bad news is the other half of the game, the story, tower, and big events need the patches desperately. In the beta I came across bunches of people all the time. If I was exploring the world I would come across a public event and 10 or 20 people would be there helping. Yet now that the game is released I have hardly seen anyone. In hours of story missions and world exploring I’ve come across one public event and I was the only person during this event. I hardly ever come across other people at all, and they normally disappear when I look away. The tower in my opinion should constantly be filled with people, yet every time I visit it I see maybe 5 people at most. Bungie really needs to look into how to streamline this aspect and get more people to run into each other more often.


If you play in a squad, the system works flawlessly. People can come and go in missions extremely easily, and there is no hassle to it at all. Many people may disagree,  but I love that it is only 3 people per squad. I don’t need any more people than that. It would make the missions much too easy, and it would set the PVP servers so off balance that it wouldn’t be fun. It’s like when you are playing COD and an entire clan fills up the other team, yet in this instance you won’t realize it until it’s too late and you are mid-game. Having only 3 people keeps it fair, they have enough of an advantage to do well, but a group of strangers can keep up.

Stick around as more of the Cinelinx crew chime in with their early impressions! Our full review will be going live this weekend!