E3 Brought Us The Spider-Man Game We’ve Been Waiting For


The title was Spider-Man and all we got was a quick little teaser during Sony’s E3 conference, and not much else has shown up. Insomniac has done interviews here and there, but the information I’m craving is under lock and key. I need more information, and they keep teasing me!

Spider-Man has a very long history of being on consoles. In fact I remember playing Spider-Man titles on the Sega Genesis. Back then crawling up a wall while Venom throws things down at you was legit awesome. Maybe some windows would break, or Venom would crawl next to you and be a total pain in the ass, but it was fun. Everything was like the comics being brought to life.

Then technology grew and so did Spider-Man. The new movies released and Spider-Man was brought to the new consoles, PS2 and the original Xbox. This is when one of the most popular superhero games ever made released, Spider-Man 2. Yes a game based on a movie was so popular that people wanted more. Can you believe Treyarch made that game? Yep, before Call of Duty, Treyarch were pimps in the superhero genre! Sadly Activision couldn’t compete with itself with the release of Spider-Man 3. The game ended up just being a disappointing rehash of the previous title, almost as disappointing as the third movie itself. (Though it did seem to inspire the original font for PlayStation 3.)

I personally enjoyed other titles that followed like Web of Shadows and Shattered Dimension’s, but they were not the greatest. This is also the last time we have seen Spider-Man in a big release. Besides the Lego series and mobile titles, Spider-Man has been non-existent. Perhaps everyone is afraid they wouldn’t live up to Spider-Man 2, the pinnacle of Spider-Man’s success in the video game world?  Or Treyarch and friends are too busy with Call of Duty….

Then things changed and we got a reveal of a new Spider-Man title. The reveal was a quick teaser trailer showing a very tiny portion of what is to come, but the gaming world shook. Perhaps even Batman was shaking in his boots over at WB. Hell we got both Batman and Spider-Man during one conference and my mind was being totally blown.

The trailer was so quick, so awesome, and so glorious. I’m a Spider-Man fan, anyone that knows me will tell you that right off the bat, so I got pumped. Yet that wasn’t even the best part of the reveal. The best part came after the reveal when Insomniac Games social feeds lit up, “#‎spidermanps4,” and Insomniac quickly confirming it was them that was developing the title. Sony didn’t spend much time highlighting developers for any game, but this was exciting news!

Leading up to E3 I expected to see Spider-Man because I did the research. Someone hinted at it, so I dove all in and figured it was coming. However I assumed it would be coming from Sucker Punch, developers of InFamous, for obvious reasons. Turns out it was Insomniac, which to me is even bigger news. I’ve written plenty articles before praising Insomniac Games and I couldn’t be more thrilled to see them developing my favorite superhero! I also forgot last minute that duh, Insomniac developed Sunset Overdrive. This game was a highly overlooked Xbox One exclusive that already dove into the “superhero open world” base, and they did an absolutely amazing job with it.

Taking this a step further is the confirmation that Marvel is working with multiple studios to bring even more heroes to life in the video game world. Finally! (Just to stress it, FINALLY!) Quality Marvel titles are on their way and we get to explore the universe again. They noted their target objective is Batman Arkham games and I could only imagine where X-Men or even Thor would go with such quality.

So yes I’m excited for all the other things shown off, but I think I got excited for Spider-Man more than anything. Probably the only thing topping it was Kojima showing up with a new game.

We want to know, what reveal at E3 got you the most excited?