Our Impressions on the Destiny 2 Announcements



Bungie/Activision broke the mold when they made Destiny.  A perfect blend of a First-Person Shooter and an MMORPG that played like a console game, what’s not to love?  Well, the story for starters.  The first Destiny’s story was complete rubbish.  It was too short, with underutilized characters.  Understanding that criticism, Bungie used their ability to update to their advantage and create better stories, through DLC Expansions like The Taken King and Rise of Iron.  They don’t plan on making that mistake again with Destiny 2.

One of the high points of the Destiny 2 presentation, and the trailers that came before, are the use of characters like Ikora, Zavala, and Cayde-6.  They are the type of personality and character that were missing in the first Destiny.  Bungie intends on sticking with them, too, as they are what really drives the story in Destiny 2, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

They didn’t just stop with the story, though, Bungie took several features from Destiny 1 and overhauled them for Destiny 2.  For instance, patrols now include characters and treasure hunting, which makes complete and total sense!  Why wouldn’t there be other people, outside of users, in the world!?  

Outside of in-game play, I love the addition of in-game clan support.  You should know how frustrating it was to do all the adding, updating, etc. online, away from the game.  Now, it’s streamlined to build your clan quicker.  Speaking of streamlined, the ability to teleport to different worlds, instead of constantly going to orbit, made me jump for joy.  That was probably the most annoying part for me in Destiny 1.

Now, what concerns me is the Guided Games function.  Bungie is allowing gamers to jump into parties for Nightfalls and Raids, using this feature.  I’m not so much concerned about the overall concept as I am about the amount of inexperienced gamers that may not know what they’re doing.  Experienced gamers can be notorious sticklers about inexperienced gamers.  I’ve witnessed several times where a newbie barely knew what they were doing, even though our leader would explain it to them, mess up, and then suddenly our Fireteam leader is trying to boot them.  It’s a great concept to allow people more access to the game, but it can go south really quick if placed in the wrong fireteam.

Additionally, Bungie announced that all Crucible games would be downgraded to 4v4.  It seems as if this is a means to quicken the amount of matches gamers can have in one sitting.  Where I see the appeal, the drawback comes from how monotonous only 4v4 gaming can become.  Half the fun of playing Crucible is trying out different multiplayer functions, 8v8, 6v6, etc.  With speed being the main focal point behind a lot of Bungie’s decision-making for Destiny 2, it could wind up making for a lesser experience than before.

One thing I’d like to see in Destiny 2 is better use of the Grimoire Cards.  Much like the Clan Support being off-game in Destiny 1, Grimoire Cards held incredible stories, but you couldn’t read them or experience them in-game.  I’d love it if Bungie would find a way to incorporate the Grimoire Cards in Destiny 2, even if it’s just to read them.

Overall, everything they’ve shown me has me on the edge of my seat until September.  After Bungie’s presentation, Destiny 2 has shot up the list to my most anticipated game of 2017!



In a way I’m excited for the same reasons as Matt, but at the same time this is why I’m so disappointed with Destiny 2 so far. Yes these characters seem to be more lively and entertaining, but overall it felt like Destiny. The story they presented was basically the same concept as the first game. Go to this planet, fight rather easy AI enemies through several points, and move on. The only good part of it was there were cutscenes in the middle of it all which carried a story further, unlike Destiny 1 where absolutely nothing made sense until 3 expansions released.

The gameplay did look a bit better and we got classes that were promised in the first game which never came to be. The powers and environment look very science fiction instead of bland desert landscapes and standard FPS grunts. But it was all presentation, I need to get my hands on it and spend hours in the game before I make a judgement on it all.

What really disappointed me, though, were two major things. First, unlike Matt, I’m entirely disappointed with “Guided Games.” Yes I can see where Matt is coming from with noobs being destroyed in harder raids, but at the same time there are players like me that can carry a team, we just never actually have a team. Whenever I played with strangers on other quests I did perfectly fine, I had a lot of fun, but I could never get a group together to play Raids. I honestly do not see why Bungie can’t just open a “public area” and let strangers play the raids together. This is how clans would form, it’s how teams can come together, and it’s perfectly okay to let noobs lose and keep trying. Like what is the big deal? Instead we must join a “guided game” where the expectation on our heads will be massive by clans, and I can foresee a lot of kicking for no reason. Perhaps you don’t have a mic, kick. You died once, kick. You are not leveled enough, kick. It’s at least better than not having an option, but I don’t understand why we can’t have this option and then an option to simply just join randoms.

Second is the fact the Crucible is where I spent all my time in Destiny. Personally I found “normal Destiny” rather boring because it was way too easy for me, and like I said I never really had anyone to play alongside. Instead I rather go here where there was a challenge for me, and Bungie did a really good job of building a PvP environment. For Destiny 2 I was hoping they’d expand on this and make bigger maps, or better game modes, and be a little bit more like Halo with competitive play. Instead they went in the total opposite direction. We get smaller battles, and now 4v4 instead of 6v6.

Lastly I would have like to see more community throughout the presentation. One thing I noticed as they kept playing was that they ended up alone, a lot. In Destiny it was always exciting when you randomly came across a group of people taking down a giant enemy, or random people that were on a different mission than you. And yet it hardly ever happened. I spent hours simply roaming planets purely trying to find these events and yet I found very little. I’m really hoping Destiny 2 is more community driven. Yes they promised it to be so, but I really want that to happen. If I ran into more strangers randomly throughout my adventures it would be an instant buy for me. That was the best part of Destiny.

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