PlayStation Plus Discounts For May 2014

PlayStation Plus May 2014

Well, it’s another month and another set of freebies from Sony’s PlayStation Plus.


Are you ready for soccer this summer? I know my nephew is.  Starting off this month’s free games is Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 for the PS3.  Increase your hand-eye coordination while ranking up.  Or if you just want to sit back and relax, you can watch simulated matches as if you were watching the real thing.

Cinelinx PES 2014 Banner

Next up is Skullgirls Encore, a 2D fighting game with anime-like characters battling it out to see who’s top dog.  I am personally downloading this one.

cinelinx skullgirl encore banner

Or if you prefer, you can play Puppeteer, a child, transformed into a puppet, who has lost his head.  Barrowing heads from other character grants you new abilities.

Cinelinx Puppeteer Banner


As the PS4 is still too new there is only one free game for it this month.  Stick it to the Man, a point and click adventure game with a little platforming all rolled into one.  Use your glowing, pink, arm to read people’s thoughts and solve puzzles.

cinelinx stick it to the man banner

 PS Vita

If mobile gaming is more your style try Surge Deluxe for the PS Vita.  Link colored blocks together to increase your score, but beware of the pressure building up in the pipes.

Cinelinx Surge Deluxe Banner

 The last of the freebies this month is Limbo, also for the Vita.  You play a boy searching for his sister is a very dark, portrait-like world.

cinelinx limbo banner

You can find other discounts for the month of May on PlayStation’s blog, or by visiting the PlayStation Store via you console.