Darksiders 2 : Definitive Edition Heading To PS4


The rumors started a short while ago when Amazon mistakenly listed a Darksiders 2 : Definitive Edition for the PS4. After several sources spotted it, Amazon quickly removed the listing and had nothing else to offer in place.

GameSpot reached out to the new home of Darksiders, Nordic Games, and got a confirmation of “the authenticity of the listing is unquestionable.” However they did note that they didn’t want to talk further details and did not confirm or deny the idea of a Xbox One release. This also means that the $40 price tag Amazon put on the leak could or could not be the actual price of the release.

Darksiders 2 was of course the reason THQ closing sucked so bad! The game was one of the final big budget releases by the bankrupted publisher and was released to high acclaim. Games like Darksiders and Saints Row made it seem like THQ may just possibly pull through, but it never happened.

Instead the studio went entirely bankrupt and sold off all their franchises. Darksiders among other titles were sold to Nordic games which has stated they “wouldn’t make the same mistake,” but have been rather quiet regarding the series. Recently the designer behind Darksiders hinted at a new title and that Nordic is “confident in the series,” but could this re-release be what he was talking about? Or will this lead to even more?

I can only hope this mean more will come!