Destiny On Track To Hit $1 Billion For Activision


Destiny, a game that flew off the radar, turned out to be a huge success! Okay we are joking, Destiny is one of the most anticipated games in recent years and it seems to be living up to it’s success. According to Activision the game has already shipped $500 million dollars worth of product. Granted this is shipped numbers, not sold through numbers, but those numbers won’t come out for a little while longer.

Normally we get this news when Call of Duty releases, but nope, this is yet another hit for Activision. You can add Destiny to the list with Call of Duty and Skylanders. A list that once even included Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero. Activision seems to know how to make money and it doesn’t include online passes or other gimmicks to get it.

The good news doesn’t end there though, you also have to remember that Destiny is a brand new IP. This means that by launching with these numbers it is the most succesful new IP launch to date. The game launched in over 11,000 stores at midnight, so high numbers were to be expected. We can’t wait to see what the sold through numbers will  be though.