Destiny Update: New Loot Cave Closed and Weapons Balanced


Bungie released their weekly update today to Destiny which includes an array of new changes. The first being a rather goofy one. They fixed the Valkyrie-O5X Ship so that it no longer seemed the same as the Aurora Lance. Interesting, but the rest of the update regards gameplay.

Auto rifles have a decreased overall damage by 2 percent, basically if your auto rifle was weak…. it’s now weaker. You also get less of a bonus for hitting people in the head. This affects me most since I live off headshots, it has saved my tail many times.

On the flip side, scout rifles get an increase across the board. Damage is increased by 6 percent, target finding is improved, accuracy is improved, and overall they are slightly better weapons. Shotguns have a decreased damage at “maximum range” making them a more close combat weapon. Other weapons also saw a decrease in damage.

Vault of Glass has a slight upgrade allowing enemies to knock players off sniper positions, so that players cannot sit on top of them to win.

Lastly, “The Fallen have also retreated from their hold over the Rocket Yard to discuss a new takeover plan,” which means the latest loot cave has been shut down. However it has been noted a while ago that Bungie will be battling loot caves for some time. I highly doubt this is the last one, and I’d be surprised if someone hasn’t already found a new area to loot.

Overall the update is very slight updates to the game, but I think they will make a huge difference to big time players. It’s going to be a long battle of weapon  balancing and it’s something that may never end, who knows.

Source: Bungie