EA To Show Off Battlefield 4 Soon


Battlefield 4 is a given considering its success for EA that sparked up with Battlefield 3. During an earnings call EA stated that Medal of Honor is done, but also noted that the next Battlefield is set to be revealed “in a matter of the next few months.” What happens in a matter of months? E3.

However there may be more to it. Several rumors are floating around that the next Battlefield is being built for next generation consoles. DICE has also noted that they will not be making the next Battlefield on consoles since PC’s are so far ahead and they couldn’t get the right experience from modern consoles.

So the question is, will Battlefield 4 be part of some next generation machines showcases before E3? Several rumors are pointing to May reveals, just in time for E3, for the consoles. Is EA simply going to give us Bad Company 3, and PC users Battlefield 4? (I’m a huge fan of the Bad Company series so I won’t mind personally) Or is DICE eating some EA paychecks and being forced to port the game to modern consoles?

My bet is that you will be seeing next generation with Battlefield 4, hopefully.