EA Trax Soundtrack Making A Return This Year With Spotify


EA has announced that EA Trax soundtrack, otherwise known as Madden NFL Soundtracks, will make a return with this years Madden NFL.

“Our Madden NFL soundtracks have changed the cultures of both gaming and music,” said Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive of Music and Marketing for EA. “They’ve given unparalleled exposure to new artists, and brought Platinum acts to all-new levels. EA Trax is proud to be delivering a new soundtrack complete with national announcement events, and we look forward to once again moving music forward for millions of gamers and fans.”

EA Trax normally pushes smaller bands into limelight by bringing them massive exposure and endless play time in their games, while also introducing exclusive new tracks from major bands. The soundtracks normally are good for both EA and artists, and now EA is pushing it again.

EA will be releasing a new soundtrack along with launching a new Spotify channel today called “Madden NFL Channel.” The channel currently plays hot tracks from past titles and when the new game releases the entire soundtrack will be streamed on the channel.

If you pre-ordeR Madden 16 at GameStop you will also geta $15 voucher to Live Nation for upcoming concerts and events. The game releases on August 25th.