The Best E3 Moments of All-Time


Sony’s Gets The Price Right 3 Out Of 4 Times

Sony was a newcomer to the gaming world back in the 90’s, but E3 was also rather new. Yet Sony already knew how to play the game, coming right out of the gates firing. Sega had just announced a spiffy new console that will cost $399, which was rather high for the time period let alone today, and not many people were thrilled. Up next to talk about their new stuff? Sony.

Much like today, Sony was known for high priced gadgets, high priced TV’s, and simply high prices. Most people expected a thing called PlayStation to be the same. What does Sony do? They break mid presentation to bring up another speaker, he walks on the stage and says one thing before leaving….. $299. Thats it. Shots fired!

That is not the only time Sony will make memories announcing a price at E3’s though. They made 3 more consoles since then, and the price announcement for 2 of them are rather memorable. We all still remember when the PS3 was getting announced. Microsoft already showcased theirs, and we all expected the complete opposite of PS1…. that Sony would compete. Then it came…. a huge price tag of $599. Wow! Oh let’s also not forget the same press conference was filled with giant enemy crabs and RIDGGGGE RACERRRRR!


Then Sony decides enough is enough, let’s go back to the roots. Almost the entire PS3 generation Sony was playing defense and they were not their offensive selves of generations past. Then came the PS4 and Sony is back at it again. They wasted no time firing shots (which makes our next memory), but one big thing they announced, a $399 price tag. A system that notably has the same or better specs than it’s rival competitor, yet a full $100 cheaper. They let that burn for a while.


Sony’s Bombshell Used Game Announcement

One of the announcements Sony made when returning to their glory days with PS4 was something rather simple. Microsoft had just announced their new console and lost touch with gamers. The new Xbox was filled with DRM, but most importantly it was always online and restricted used games sales. Fans were not thrilled and were hoping when the lights dimmed at the Sony conference that they wouldn’t be met with the same story.

Then it happened, Sony made the most glorious announcement ever. The PS4 allows used games and didn’t have all the DRM restrictions as it’s competitors console. People normally cheer or get excited for games, but when this happened the crowd was literally standing for a few minutes screaming in joy. Even Sony’s great speaker Jack Tretton had to pause to smile to enjoy what he had just done. This caused a ripple effect as Microsoft would be flipping its new Xbox one end for the next year, and Sony was still firing all it’s guns with jokes galore.

One could say if Sony were to fall in line with the DRM at this very stage, the current generation of consoles would feel much different.


Sega Saturns Big Eff You To Stores

This goes way way back in the history of E3 as Sega is still a console maker! Remember the good ole, well….. remember the Sega Saturn? It was supposed to be talked about at E3 and released later in the year. This was the plan, this is what retailers were prepared for.

Sega themselves must have got super excited or super scared of Sony because those plans changed, and they changed fast. Sega pulled a modern day Apple by not only talking about the new Sega Saturn, but they release it right there at the show. When was it available? Oh, how about NOW? Not in the fall, not the following week, it was released right then and there.

As you can imagine retailers were not too thrilled as Sega forgot one important thing, nobody had any Saturns to, you know…. sell. Oh and one other thing, developers were not ready to release any games either. So while the Saturn may have gotten an early start in the market, it failed dramatically due to the attempt to jump the gun.


Nintendo With One Last Surprise

Nintendo doesn’t do press conferences anymore, and yeah it sucks. Why? Well conferences are full of surprises and Nintendo was good with surprises. One surprise that was shocking? Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Let me set the scenario for you. Nintendo let it be known that a cartoony looking Zelda was in the works, fans were fine with it, but they also wanted a “realistic” Zelda to come too. There was no word about this at all, no leaks, nothing. Maybe a few hints, but Nintendo kept it under wraps rather well.

Their press conference rolls around, they showcase the cartoon looking Zelda and it looks as though the conference is going to end. Then it appears…. one last very awesome trailer. The crowd goes absolutely insane and Nintendo’s speaker couldn’t look anymore happier standing on the stage with a sword and shield.


Guerilla Games Offers Us Hope

Back when the PS3 and Xbox 360 were releasing we knew games would look good. We had stellar looking titles like Halo and even Metal Gear Solid 4. One game looked absolutely phenomenal though and had people talking for ages, Killzone 2.

This was the follow up to Sony’s “Halo Killer” and it looked mind blowing in every way. Then GG came out and said it was all CGI. People were beyond angry at this announcement and would go on to nitpick the actual game to death by comparing it to the trailer.

Yet this goes in my top E3 moments list because you know what, it was awesome. It was awesome believing this trailer, seeing this potential, and showing it off to everyone. I downloaded the trailer to my PSP and watched it almost every day because it was so glorious. I had no care when I found out it was CGI, I was used to it at that point. During the same time games were going through legal troubles because advertisements were “misleading” by showcasing CGI trailers. I was(still am) a Killzone fan though, and this trailer was pure fun and what I wanted to see out of next generation.

What are some of your top moments of E3’s past?