Final Fantasy XI Getting Final Expansion This Year


Final Fantasy has been around for as long as I can remember, and one of the games has been standing on it’s own for quite some time. Final Fantasy XI is the online game in the series that people still love to play to this day. It released over 13 years ago in 2002, meaning it is hitting the 14th year this year. This will also be the last year it will be updated.

According to Square Enix they are working on a new event titled the “VANA’DIEL PROJECT” which plans to “expand the user driven world” and keep fans happy for years to come. This includes some major game updates and the release of the final expansions. 

The expansion is called The Final Scenerio and it will come in three parts. The first part is titled Rhapsodies of Vana’diel and will release alongside the game updates in May. The other two story parts will come in August and November. The story is meant to conclude the years of uncovered details throughout the game. The good news, it is entirely free and is not disc-based or “premium.”

After the final release of this story the “major game updates” will cease, but some fine tuning and server maintanence will continue. Along with that the PS2 and Xbox 360 versions will also cease in March 2016,  so all players will need to move over to the PC platform to continue playing. Can you believe that? The PS2 version is still being played to this day!

Players will also get an in-game event called The Goddess’s Gala which is a celebration for all players, new and old, to enjoy. 

News doesn’t end there either, Square Enix also revealed that they are making a mobile version of the game that will take extensive control of touch screen interfaces.

They are also making Final Fantasy Grandmasters for mobile devices, but it is currently only releasing in Japan.