Full Trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins Fails to Inspire Confidence


First, let me say, this is a very nice looking trailer and has some cool moments.  That being said, this new trailer has done  ittle to make me any more confident in the game itself.  Let’s watch the trailer then talk more after:

There’s a lot of uncertainty with this game.  Rocksteady has passed development over to WB Montreal (which is largely untested), and virtually none of the original people from the previous games are returning.  The voice actors have been recast and the script writer on the games is gone as well.  Not to mention my own personal disdain for prequel video games, and there is some  nderstandable concern surrounding the game.  A fancy CG trailer does nothing to address these problems either.


Is it nice to look at?  Absolutely, but it doesn’t give us any more info on the story, nor does it show how the new studio is  andling the gameplay.  While they’ve shared some new gameplay pics (including our first look at a younger Joker), we’ve still not seen the game in action.  That’s frustrating especially considering the game is set to release in only five months (October 25th).

Just about anything can look bad ass in a shiny CG trailer, so I’m worried about what we’re not being shown.  Perhaps I’m being overly critical because of all the changes being made in this entry.  That’s entirely possible, and I’m hoping to be entirely wrong, and that we get a phenomenal video game out of it.  Only time will tell. Meanwhile, what do YOU think about the game so far?