Gaming Indie Beat: Disciples of the Storm Heads Back to Kickstarter


Starting today, you can help fund Disciples of the Storm, a new, and swanky looking real-time strategy game that’s looking to try something different, while adhering to the classic structure of the genre.  If you’re looking to help out, be sure to visit their Kickstarter Page, but you can check below to see why it might be something you need: 

Following the successful Steam Greenlight, independant game studio, Storm Isle Productions is pleased to announce the re-launch of their Kickstarter campaign for Disciples of the Storm, starting on June 23,2015

Disciples of the Storm is a modern re-imagining of the classic RTS game Netstorm: Islands at War.  Disciples of the Storm gives players a fast-pace RTS that pits them against each other in a complex and strategic battle of fantastic beasts, machines and magic. Players will gain territory of shattered, floating islands as they seek to capture and slay the enemy tribe’s high priest while advancing their tribe toward their goal of total domination in an attempt to appease their god.

Following the success of being greenlit on Steam, Storm Isle Productions is once again asking the faithful fans of Netstorm: Islands at War and avid RTS players for help on their spiritual successor Disciples of the Storm.

During the Kickstarter, their developers will be releasing glimpses of new content that the team has been working on behind the scenes for the Kickstarter. Disciples of the Storm’s newly launched Kickstarter can be found here.


[Full disclosure: Some members of the Fathergamer Podcast, hosted by Cinelinx, work as publicists for the Disciples of the Storm developers.]