Go Old School in the New Kingdom Hearts III Mini-Game Trailer – Classic Kingdom


This takes me back.  Do you remember way back when, when handheld gaming was still not quite perfected and companies would distribute these black and white 2D games where the characters would jump on and off the screen, beeping and booping?  While the name of those devices escapes me, I do remember I played the heck out of a Power Rangers version of that and an Aladdin one.  They were the hardest things in the world to beat and, yet, they were somewhat revolutionary.

A new trailer from Square Enix reveals that Kingdom Hearts III will bring those devices back with a brand new mini-game.  However, unlike my experiences with Power Rangers and Aladdin, these mini-games will be of the Steamboat Mickey variety.

The trailer is delightful and lighthearted, which is a far cry from the non-stop action we’ve witnessed from the trailers, so far.  As of now, Square Enix is calling these handheld games, Sora is playing, a mini-game so it’s likely completing it will simply unlock a new ability or keyblade.  Just think if it was an actual world, though.  That would be trippy.

Kingdom Hearts III is slated to release in 2018 on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, though no date has been officially confirmed.