Hello Games Announces No Man’s Sky Beyond


When No Man’s Sky was first announced, it was sold as a game that would be an entirely solo experience.  They went so far as to say that in this massive universe, no two people would ever see each other or experience the same planet or event.  After the cataclysmic fallout of No Man’s Sky’s release, Hello Games went back to the drawing board to deliver a more exciting, more innovative gaming experience.  Frankly, they went back to try and incorporate a lot of the things they promised us when they announced the game.

They ended up making massive leaps forward No Man’s Sky NEXT, but that wasn’t enough for Hello Games.  Since then, the team has developed 3 new updates for the game, and decided to bring them into No Man’s Sky in the next chapter they call No Man’s Sky Beyond.

The founder of Hello Games, Sean Murray detailed Beyond in a new blog post, you can read here.  Two out of the three updates remain a mystery, but the one big one he announced is No Man’s Sky Online.  For the first time, No Man’s Sky will be a fully online experience so players can explore this vast universe together.  This, alone, is a far cry from the No Man’s Sky we were introduced to, and totally the right move.  The focus of video games has shifted to being all about shared experiences and No Man’s Sky has needed to be one, from its inception.

No Man’s Sky Beyond won’t require a subscription, it won’t have any microtransactions, and that it will be entirely free for all current players.  Murray went so far as to promise that it isn’t an MMO of any kind.  

By making it online and adding all the features it has, Hello Games has definitely salvaged what was a sinking ship and made it into a fully-operational vehicle.  Next stop, full speed ahead to Summer 2019 for No Man’s Sky Beyond.