It’s A Mystical Groundhog Day in the 9-minute Omensight Preview


We, here in the gaming department at Cinelinx, do love our indie titles.  Sure, most of the press may go to the AAA titles, but when we are able to feast our eyes upon a well-crafted indie title, we love sharing it with you.  The next indie title that has caught our eye has an element reminiscent of two of my favorite things, The Legend of Zelda and a certain Bill Murray movie.  This is Spearhead GamesOmensight!

What Omensight has in common with the hit 2000’s Majora’s Mask and 1993’s Groundhog Day are that all three have a time loop.  In Omensight, you play as the Harbinger, a warrior that has come to investigate what brings about the end of the world.  Using a nifty ability to go back in time, you’re able to figure out and ultimately try to prevent the dreaded outcome.  What makes this game so interesting is that there are several choices that craft the story as you go, so it’s not this linear path most would expect from an indie title.

Furthermore, as the trailer suggests, the game boasts a variety of combat mechanics to make the game exciting and fresh.  There were even several moments where I was astounding by the quality of the maneuvers, as they looked as if they belonged in a AAA title.  Omensight also includes jaw-dropping environments and attentive dialogue that altogether looks like something special.

Spearhead Games looks to be raising the standards when it comes to what people think the know about indie titles, with Omensight!

Omensight releases May 15, 2018 on Playstation 4 & Steam! To find out more information and to preorder, click here!