Jade returns in the new Beyond Good & Evil 2 trailer

Photo courtesy of Ubisoft

The game was confirmed to be in development last year at the end of the Ubisoft press conference with news that the game would be taking place before the events of the original title.

In the newest trailer we get a glimpse of the original game’s protagonist Jade, but there is something that has fans of the series abuzz: Jade’s boar-like guardian Pey’j doesn’t appear to be fighting on the same side of the galactic battlefield as her. 

A short gameplay trailer was released last month showing a snippet of space flight and melee combat, but it was said that a full gameplay demo would be shown behind closed doors during E3. 

In addition to the cinematic trailer, Ubisoft Montepellier made the announcement that they are partnering with HitRecord and with fans of the series to collaborate on creating content that will appear in the game through the Space Monkey Program

The game is in the early stages of development still and they have given no word on a potential release date or what consoles it will launch on.