Microsoft Announces Original Xbox Titles For Backwards Compatibility


The program has hundreds of games and Microsoft noted that “over half of all Xbox owners have played at least one game in the program.” That’s a lot of players, especially since rival Sony said most consumers don’t care to play older games.

With that they also revealed that original Xbox titles will be hitting the program soon.

Our team of engineers are working hard to bring some of your original favorite Xbox games to Xbox One today,” Phil Spencer said at the conference. 

He further noted that all games will “look better on the Xbox One family of consoles.” Each game needs to be prepared for the program which means only select titles get put into the program. All Xbox Live Games For Gold titles for 360 are playable on Xbox One, and the program has expanded to over 385 titles.

There was no word on when the original Xbox titles will hit the program, but they did confirm fan request Crimson Skies would make the jump.