Microsoft Cuts Kinect Standalone and Bundle Prices


If you were looking to grab a Kinect Microsoft just made life a little easier for you. They just announced that they will drop the price on both the stand alone units and console bundle announced earlier this year.

The stand alone Kinect will now be $99, a 50 dollar price drop from the $150 launch price.

The special bundle that Microsoft announced in September that includes Kinect, several Kinect games, and the console itself is also going to be $400 for a limited time. In fact both are listed as a “limited time” offer, but we assume the Kinect will see this price more often if it helps sales.

The announcement comes via the Official Xbox Blog where they have noted that over half of all Xbox One owners currently own a Kinect. I personally do not own one, but would not mind picking one up for a low price like this. Will you be picking one up?