New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Delivers A Monsters Inc. World


If you’re new to Kingdom Hearts, you’ll discover that it’s common for Sora, Goofy, and Donald to travel to different worlds from the Disney franchise.  While there is still a lot unknown about which worlds we’ll see in Kingdom Hearts III, we do know from the trailers that there will be a Repunzel world, a Hercules world (again), Toy Story, and a Big Hero 6 world, though the last one hasn’t been seen in a trailer yet.  However, what has been seen in a trailer is a brand new world in the Kingdom Hearts series, Monsters Inc.!  See it in action and the squad’s cool Monster-themed outfits in the brand-new trailer below:

Interestingly, we see Marluxia and Vanitas, to key figures in the handheld series of games.  Marluxia had a main role in Chain of Memories as the main antagonist.  He’s been defeated multiple times but has been resurrected as part of Master Xehanort‘s true Organization XIII, which should provide some clarity to the dialogue in the trailer.  As for Vanitus, he was mainly in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.  His sole task in life is to fight with Ventus, the green-clad wind keyblade master, in an attempt to unite their hearts to form the X-blade

The fact that they’ll be appearing in Kingdom Hearts III means that it’s important as ever to experience the handheld series of games, if you haven’t already.  Square Enix expects to release KH3 in 2018. Fingers crossed it happens this time…