New Vampyr Trailer Released, Shows you how to Become a Monster!


Today, DONTNOD Entertainment has released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming title Vampyr. In the video, we see the struggle Dr. Reid goes through as he must turn on the city he promised to keep safe. As you progress in the game, you will unlock new abilities to take down your evil foes with unimaginable power.

The main thing that gets me excited about this game is it’s resemblance to The Legacy of Kain. Gamers around the world have been waiting for a new vampire since the Blood Omen and BloodRayne seires feel off the scene. Well, from what it looks like Dr. Jonathan Reid maybe filling in their footsteps for a bit! Vampyr launches on PS4, Xbox One, and PC June 5th!


In Vampyr, the greatest source of XP to learn and enhance abilities comes from the blood of London’s citizens, who Dr. Jonathan Reid has set out to save from the epidemic sweeping through the city. The question is less “Do I kill?” than “Who do I kill?”. Investigating citizens’ lives will allow Reid to decide who is more ‘deserving’ of sacrifice – or he can simply give in to his hunger and treat the mortals as blood bags.

Either way, killing certain citizens will have a greater impact on the local ecosystem than others, while simply killing too many may cause the entire district to collapse. After draining the blood of his victims, Reid can learn and evolve powerful combat abilities. Close-combat abilities allow Reid to close gaps quickly, pouncing from afar before slashing with deadly claws, while others, such as Bloodspear, allow him to deal damage from a distance.

At the higher levels of power, some abilities are feared by even the vampires themselves. Abyss allows Reid to unleash the shadows from within, while Rage targets and strikes entire groups of enemies with a terrible fury. Learning and evolving these abilities will aid in the doctor’s quest to save London – but at what cost?