New Xbox Requires Online Connection and Will Not Allow Second-Hand Games


According to Edge sources, the next-gen Xbox will be unable to function without an internet connection, with an updated Xbox Live becoming central to the console’s operation.

Although the latest Xbox will be more digital-centric, hard copies of games will still be made available in the form of 50GB-capacity Blu Ray discs – Microsoft finally conceding to Sony after backing the HD-DVD format on the 360.

The crux however, is that games purchased in disc-form will be shipped with consumer activation codes; rendering games unplayable past the initial user.

Edge sources also confirmed the technical specifications of Microsoft’s forthcoming console:

– AMD eight-core x64 1.6GHZ CPU
– D3D11.x 800MHZ graphics solution
– 8GB of DDR3 RAM

At the time of writing the hard drive capacity remains to be confirmed.

A new and improved Kinnect will be shipped alongside the new Xbox, highlighting Microsoft’s commitment to improved motion technology.

Source: Edge Online