NHL 17 EASHL Trailer Released


Build your brand by completing games, and leveling up your player and team to unlock customization items. In the most competitive and customizable EASHL ever, you can give your players, team and uniforms a unique look or use the all-new Arena Creator to build the home ice you’ve always wanted.

EA learned how important EASHL is to fans when they didn’t include it a few years ago, creating an uproar. Thankfully it returned in NHL 16, and now with NHL 17 it is getting even better. EASHL is, of course, the abilty to take control of a specific player online. You then get to join other players taking control of other positions within a team, or in drop-in drop-out play.

New features for NHL 17 include club and player progressions. This means that as you score more goals or complete milestones you will get extra experience points to unlock new player designs, celebrations, and other areas for your player and entire team. The game also has a new “prestige” mode, which unlocks after you hit level 50 and restart from 1.

The new team editor also takes control in EASHL as well boasting thousands of options to fully customize a team including sweater designs and arena’s. Arena’s will also evolve as you progress, with your team starting in small skating rinks and moving up to the big leagues as you progress.

Small Community Rink: A practice-sized rink without bleachers or seats. This rink is truly grass-roots and does not allow for any customization.

Large Community Rink: This rink can hold a small set of hometown fans and allows for a moderate amount of customization, such as branding your team logo at center ice and having goal horns and songs play after goals.

Junior Arena: Large enough to seat several thousand fans and allows for a significant amount of customization such as entry props and LED stanchion effects.

Semi-Pro Stadium: Here is when you start to feel like a professional hockey team. A semi-pro stadium allows for a larger capacity crowd and even more customization options.

Pro Stadium: There are 10 different pro stadiums to unlock and these allow for the biggest crowds and the most amount of customization options such as scoreboards and signature effects.

There have also been additions to assigning players to roles, anti-griefing rules have been strengthened, and additional tweaks have been added throughout the league.

NHL 17 is hitting a public beta later this month, and will release later this year.