Oculus Quest Drops the Cords in Hopes of Making VR More Accessible


If you’ve been holding out on VR gaming, you’re not alone. While the medium has come a long way, price is still a big sticking point for many gamers. The cheaper alternatives, even the Oculus Go, haven’t been the best for gaming and featured enough compromises to not feel worthwhile. 

Today, during a press conference, Facebook announced brand new hardware that hopes to be the perfect middle-ground, the Oculus Quest. Oculus VR head honcho, Hugo Barra, described the system as “made for gamers,” and different from other wireless headsets out there. The idea is to deliver the high-end gaming quality of the Oculus Rift (which requires a connection to PCs) with the more mobile nature of the Oculus Go. It retains similar optics from the Go, along with built-in speakers, and will come with the Oculus Touch controllers. 

Unlike the Go, however, which didn’t allow for you to walk around/move, you’ll have a full range of movement and able to walk around a significant distance, with tracking that supports at least 400 square feet of space. That’s a pretty solid range of motion, and without needing attachement to a PC, should give gamers a real sense of freedom. 

The Quest is set to launch next year (2019) with an initial offering of 50 titles (at some point it’s also getting that Vader Immortal interactive series), and will come in at $399. While that may still seem a tad steep, for a higher end VR system, that’s a solid price and well within ranges most gamers are used to paying for consoles. It may be exactly the price point and design that many have been waiting for to get more fully into VR gaming. 

More details are coming later, but for now, it seems like a promising VR compromise. What do you think about the Oculus Quest