PlayStation Plus Discounts for November 2014


Well, it’s another month and another set of freebies from Sony’s PlayStation Plus.



First up on the PS3 we have Frozen Synapse Prime.  Lead a small faction of, elite, futuristic soldiers in an attempt to take back the city of Markov Geist from an evil corporation in this turn based game.

cinelinx fsp banner

Next up is Luftrausers, a cross-buy with the PS Vita.  Select over 125 combos of weapons, persons, and propulsion to take the skies for glory, honor, and high scores.

cinelinx luftrausers banner


First up on the PS4 is The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, a PS Vita cross-buy.  Follow Isaac on his trip through randomly generated levels of this RPG shooter.

cinelinx TBOIR banner

Next is the mining platformer Steamworld Dig.  Dig your way through the ground and amass riches as Rusty, a lone mining steambot.

cinelinx SWD banner


PS Vita

If mobile gaming is more your style try Escape Plan, a PS4 cross-buy.  Use the multi-touch LCD, rear panel, swipe and motion control to get through this puzzle game.

cinelinx EP banner

Lastly we have The Hungry Horde.  Attempt to defeat the clock as the zombie horde rampages, increasing their numbers to destroy the human race.

cinelinx HH banner