Prepare for Battle with Unit Overview from Bannermen


Developer Pathos Interactive and publisher 2tainment GmBH made available a new Unit Overview to help players prep their battlefield tactics in-advance of the release of RTS game Bannermen for PC.

In Bannermen, which 2tainment will release on February 21, players command armies in grand battles — using conventional medieval weapons and unique nature magic that will not only devastate the opposition but change the world around them. Bannermen combines classic RTS elements such as base-building and resource management, with unique environmental magic. These special spells allow players to summon lightning strikes, tornadoes, volcano outbursts, and more deadly nature-based effects which can turn the tide of battles and the battlefield itself. 

Along with the new unit overview, the team is excited to announce a free public Beta for Bannermen, which they will launch via Steam on February 8, ending February 10. This beta will give players a sense of the game, its story, and the tactics they will use to shape the world and deliver a victory for their Lord.