PS4 Third Party Exclusive Content To Last 6 Months


Sony released a nifty new trailer, and it was all kinds of details to boast the PS4. Within it was the big attack of how many games PS4 will actually be getting. Currently there are over 24 titles in development exclusive to the PS4, and 14 “award winning” studios making more games to add to that list. In total, there are over 180 games in development for the PS4, which is more than any other console currently.

Along with bragging about the massive amount of games, they also reminded us that some third party titles such as Assassins Creed, Watch Dogs, and Bungies Destiny will have exclusive content on PS4. However in small text near the bottom it was noted that for the Ubisoft titles, the exclusive time frame was 6 months. So Xbox One fans can expect to see the content at some point. Destiny however didn’t list what was exclusive or how long it was exclusive, but we assume it will be similar to Call of Duty’s deal with Microsoft.