Resident Evil 2 Demo Coming Jan 11th, s0leb Plays it this Friday via Twitch


The time to freak out and rejoice is now! Capcom has announced that a Resident Evil 2 demo will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC January 11th – January 30th. This is huge news for PC and PS4 players since a few weeks back there were rumors the demo would be exclusive to the Xbox One. In said demo, you will play as Leon S. Kennedy at the Raccoon City Police Station, but there is a catch, you only have 30 minutes of play time in this demo to fight off zombies and unlock the puzzel layed out before you.

If you die or complete the demo before the demos timer is up, you can either try to finish the demo with the with the time left or watch the trailer proved at the end of the demo! This seems like a fun and intense style of demo, which is perfect for Resident Evil 2! We will be livestreaming the demo on our Twitch channel this friday at 12pm cst! So please make sure to stop by and watch s0leb die and try to beat the timer! Until then, please watch the trailer release to pump up the upcoming “1-Shot” Resident Evil 2 Demo!