Rumor: Star Wars 1313 Coming To PS4


The Witcher 3 is confirmed to be a “early window” title for PS4. This is great news as PlayStation fans get to enjoy a great franchise, and it seems to be clear Sony is working on getting even more third party support. However, when reading the press release there seems to be mention of something else to be excited about.

Not to rain on The Witcher, we love those games, but when Star Wars is hinted at we can’t help but to start shuffling through things. According to CD Projekt they were invited to “a meeting with developers of early window games.” In this meeting were several companies you’d already expect to be making games for PS4, EA and Activision for example, but in one seat was Lucas Arts. You know, the guys making Star Wars 1313? They said the game wouldn’t be coming to PS3, but they didn’t say anything about PS4…. yet.


Along with that CD Projekt also said The Witcher 3 will be hitting “all high end consoles,” so what exactly falls under that tree? Well obviously Microsoft is having a next generation console, but unless they want The Witcher showing up late to their party then their console will have a release window of at least early next year. And does this include the Wii U?

Either way we have to thank CD Projekt for not only getting us hyped up for The Witcher 3, but Star Wars as well!