Sony Is Buying Assets Of OnLive; Service Shutting Down


OnLive was a pioneer in online game streaming as it brought a service similar to Netflix to life in the gaming world. No need to upgrade your computer or buy a new console because everything is streamed from a remote server. Sadly the service is one of those things that came before it’s time and internet connections simply don’t allow it to work. Now it is the end.

OnLive announced today that their entire service is going offline by April 30th. All current subscriptions are entirely free at the moment and no new subscriptions or licenses can be purchased anymore. They will also have “very limited” customer service to answer any questions.

They did announce that all data will be wiped entirely. This includes games, saves, data, users, credit cards, all of it will be gone. You will have absolutely no access to anything beyond April 30th. Anyone that renewed their subscript on or after March 28th will be refunded.

As for Sony buying their assets, it comes as no surprise. Back when Sony was first diving into PS Now there was a battle between OnLive and Gaikai to be purchased. Each have a seperate approach to how to stream games, and Gaikai won out. (Remember our article talking about the purchase?)

After that purchase, OnLive kind of spiraled down. They went bankrupt at one point, only to be revived, and ever since then they have been attempting to sell their assets to other companies. This was why the Sony purchase of Gaikai was such a big blow, OnLive had wanted to sell their assets to them.

Now they note Sony is finally buying their assets, but it was you expect from a business standpoint. It is all their patents (very important) and licenses from around the world. Sony basically now has access to better develop PS Now without OnLive sending a patent case their way. It doesn’t seem their servers or service itself is making the jump.

You can read their whole announcement on their Facebook page.