Sony PS3 Linux Class Action Lawsuit Open For Claims


Sony advertised that the PS3 could support “other OS” which consisted of Linux being installed on the console. This made many fans happy, even though very limited variation of Linux actually worked on the hardware, such as Yellow Dog Linux. However a bunch of people used it, or wanted to use it, but Sony removed the feature mid generation.

This opened a class action lawsuit where people were not happy that an advertised feature was removed. The claim is that people purchased the “fat PS3” units with the intention of using the feature, which was illegally removed from under their noses.

Several years later the lawsuit has stuck and they eventually won. Sony now has to pay out claims for people that bought the “fat PS3” units and intended or utilized the feature. If you utilized the feature you can get a payout off $55, if you intended to use it then you can get $9.

First thing you do is head to this website. There they will explain the case and your option to take action, or remove yourself from the case.

According to the details you need to prove both instances to create a claim. First you need to prove you had, or have, a fat PS3. This could include the serial number of the unit or a credit card statement, or receipt, that proves you made the purchase within their time frame.

Next you need to prove that you utilized linux. This area includes a screenshot of your unit using it, a hard drive cap that shows the hard drive is formatted for linux use still, or some other way to showcase to them you had Linux. This is the harder area to prove, but one last option might open up some help for users. If you can show that you were “talking about the Linux feature” on a website you can use that as proof.

This lawsuit dates back to 2010 and follows several other class action failures by Sony, including their previous case regarding the 2011 PSN hack. This may be, hopefully, the last court case regarding the PS3 and Sony. Let’s hope the PS4 stays out of trouble!