Sony Removing Support For PS Now On Most Devices


Via the PlayStation Blog, Sony announced that PS Now will no longer be supported on multiple devices this coming August. The devices losing support include PlayStation Vita, PS TV, Smart TV’s (Samsung and Sony), and all Blu-ray Players. Some 2016 model Sony TV’s will only have access until this coming April.

Sony notes that the focus on PS4 and PC only will allow them to enhance the user experience and build a better service. Those that don’t want to subscribe anymore should cancel auto renew by April 1st so they don’t run into any issues.

Personally I’m not a fan of the service for many reasons, but this seems like a total gut punch to some uses. Why PlayStation products were also cut is beyond me since it is supposed to be a streaming service. Simply switching between PC and PS4 is basically a thinner version of Microsoft’s cross buy functionality, where you actually get the game on both units and don’t need to stream them.

PS Now is good in theory, but how it has been deployed (and possibly prevents backwards compatibility with PS4) is not to my liking.