Sony’s Trophy Bidding Is Back and Revamped


During the last sweepstakes, there was a fluke in the system. People with shared accounts, or people using other means to “cheat” the system, had more trophies than anyone else. So at the end of the day, these people were bidding with trophy amounts an average user could never obtain.

Luckily when Sony announced “Greatness Exchange” you can still utilize the trophies you earned, but this time its sweepstakes entries. Instead of bidding, you are using Gold trophies to enter the sweepstakes. One trophy means one entry. You can check out the stuff to win here!

Everything else seems pretty similar. You get replica stuff and the layout is the same. Of course using trophies to bid is only using them on this site, so you will not be losing them permantly by any means.

I think the new layout is rather awesome. It will still have its flaws, but at least average users have somewhat of a chance this time around.