Square Enix Says Tomb Raider Sales Target Failed


Tomb Raider has sold 3.4 millions units in its short span of being on the market, but Square Enix doesn’t seem too thrilled about it. Combine the sales with Hitman: Absolution at 3.6 millions units, and Sleeping Dogs at 1.75 million units and you would think any company would be happy about it.

According to rumored numbers, Square Enix wanted all three titles to reach 15 million units to please their shareholders. Combined so far they are sitting around 9 million units. Sleeping Dogs would have had to pick up some slack, and Tomb Raider would have had to double it’s numbers in its short span of release time.

Square Enix noted that sales in North America were not as great as expected as they only accounted for a third of total sales in Europe. They also noted that price problems were an issue on extended costs. However the good news is that these numbers do not currently include digital sales through portals like PSN, Xbox Live, and Steam.

If you are asking me though, I think these titles are doing absolutely phenominal and Square Enix should be proud of it. Not only do they sell well, but they are getting great reviews, which is always a plus.