The First Trailer for Induction Released Today


Bryan Gale, the creator of Induction, stated that the goal of the game was to capture the “weirdness” of time travel that you see in movies like Primer or Bill & Ted. The focus of the game is on time travel where the player must solve various puzzles by building paradoxical time loops.

Bryan will be showing the game at PAX East in Boston on March 6th through the 8th as part of the Indie Megabooth, and also at EGX Rezzed in London on March 12th through 14th.

You can keep up with updates on the game’s development by visiting the official website!

Induction is an abstract puzzle game about time travel and paradoxes. You are given the ability to jump through time, and are tasked with exploiting its counter-intuitive consequences. You must learn to choreograph your actions across multiple timelines, and to create strange loops of cause and effect, where the future depends on the past and the past depends on the future. Induction does not pander, but gives players the satisfaction of mastering an imaginary yet honest set of physical laws.