The RTS Genre Goes to the Stone Age Later This Month


Battle Dinosaurs. Army of Dinosaurs. Battling Armies of Dinosaurs against each other…I mean, I’m not sure what else you need to know about this new RTS game Warparty. It’s been in Early Access for a bit, but is now ready to move forward. The developers announced today the game will hit PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on March 28th

Neolithic RTS enthusiasts Warcave and stone tool users Crazy Monkey Studios are proud to announce the imminent launch of Warparty, coming to PC, Mac, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One on March 28th. Following a few months of fine-tuning in Steam Early Access, Warparty is preparing to reveal its full prehistoric glory to real-time strategy fans worldwide, including its all-new feature-packed Story Campaign mode.

Taking its cues from classic RTS games, Warparty shakes things up by loading the battle maps with fierce dinosaurs alongside mythical creatures in need of some tough discipline. Play as one of three factions – the Wildlanders, Necromas, or Vithara – each with their own units, buildings, playstyles and unique talents for total battlefield supremacy. The finely tuned game modes in Warparty include Survival, AI Skirmish and Custom Online Multiplayer, offering unforgettable RTS paleo-parties for up to six friends.

Available on March 28th, the fresh new Story Campaign will come loaded with tempting single-player treats. The mode’s unique maps, factions, and missions, are set against a backdrop of cinematic cutscenes that tell a gripping primordial tale of ancient alliances and bloodshed.

Ranked matches are played on the dedicated Warparty servers to guarantee a fair fight, and online leaderboards let everyone share in the trouncings and triumphs. So pull your loincloth tight, sharpen your axe, and mount your trusty dino-steed for the fight of your life. 

Will you be picking this up later in the month?