The Tomorrow Children Pushed To Fall; New Trailer


The game was announced during the PlayStation event in December and went into a closed beta shortly after. We got a chance to play it then, and we got addicted to it’s nature. The game is simplistic, yet appealing and you have to play it to understand why we are excited to spend countless hours in the world.

The good news is the trailer we see above with some slight expansion to what we saw in the beta, but there is also bad news. The game was delayed until “Summer 2015” and now it is pushed back further to “Fall 2015.” There is still no official release date so it could even be pushed back even more.

The game takes place in an odd apocalyptic nature as you gather resources and build a small city, while defending it from monsters that rampage through. You don’t do it alone as other players can drop in and drop out to help online.