The Witcher 3 Has Surpassed 1 Million Pre-Orders


According to the official TwitterThe Witcher 3 has surpassed 1 million total pre-orders. They did not break down how this tallies comes about. So we don’t know which platform most of the orders are coming from, or which retail outlets are leading the way. All we know is that the game will hit a pretty big sales mark within 24 hours for sure. 

This is good news as it fends off recent reports of early leaks. The game was leaked early, plus Twitch users were streaming content already. Twitch has shut down the streams and notified users that streaming the game before release is strictly not allowed, anyone caught doing it may be banned. 

If you do want to watch some gameplay in humerous fashion, we do suggest checking out Conan’s “Clueless Gamer” review of the game! 

The game officially releases May 19th!