WB Games Is Not Finished With Batman Titles


Via the PlayStation Blog, Ames Kirshen (Oversees DC titles development) stated that the studio is never finished with a character as succesful as Batman. 

He notes that Batman is a cornerstone of WB Games, but that isn’t the only character they will focus on. Obviously the success of the Arkham series makes that true.

“When choosing what DC Entertainment IP we might focus on for any game, it boils down to honing in on the IPs that map the strongest, genre-wise, to what fans are interested in seeing and playing,” he says. “From there, it’s about getting the development studios with the strongest passion for those IPs to make the games.”

Yet when asked about when we may see Batman again, there isn’t a clear answer of when….but there is a clear indication that something is indeed in the mix.

“We don’t have anything to talk about at this time,” he says, “but the possibilities are endless with a character as dynamic and beloved as Batman.”

Titles in the Arkham series that were not made by Rocksteady were met with mixed reviews. So we have to ask you, who do you want to see working on the next Batman title? And where do you hope to see it go?

Personally it’ll be real hard to top Arkham Knight!