Xbox 2017 E3 Briefing Has Moved To Sunday


Typically every year we get announcements of E3 briefings, but they remain almost the same as the previous year. This year Microsoft is changing things up.

Their breifing will be held Sunday, June 11th at 2PM PT.

Normally Microsoft holds their conference on the Monday of E3 week, and Sunday is kick off week for other third party publishers. Yet, while that changed it seems everything else is remaining the same with a 2 hour conference and the same location.

While nothing specific has been announced as a reveal for the show, we do have some hints. Xbox boss Phil Spencer noted a “shooter based Halo” will not take center stage, and Gear of War will also not be the focus. Instead the event will focus on new experiences for gamers.

Also worth noting is that State Of Decay developer Undead Labs has also noted they will have something to show at the event.

The picture used for the reveal is also hinting at Xbox Scorpio, which was announced at last years E3 and has recently gone into product testing internally at Microsoft. Phil Spencer has noted we could even see Scorpio before E3 happens, but he is unsure of the actual time.

So far only Microsoft has announced their E3 plans, besides EA’s own hosted event taking place June 10-12.