Yoshi’s Crafted World Receives a March Release Date and Story Trailer


2017 was a huge year for Nintendo.  They launched a brand-new console, the Nintendo Switch, and promised to fill its then-barren lineup of games with trailers and announcements.  One of those trailers was for a Yoshi game on Nintendo Switch.  The fuzzy-looking Yoshi game would later be dubbed Yoshi’s Crafted World.  While we had a name and some gameplay demos, we didn’t have a release date or a motivation behind the game, featuring one of Nintendo’s most iconic characters.  

Thankfully, that’s all been remedied as Nintendo has announced March 29, 2019 as the release date for Yoshi’s Crafted World, alongside a new Story Trailer!

It all started when Kamek and Baby Bowser set out to steal a gem-set stone. Legend has it that this fabled artifact can grant the bearer their wildest dreams! But when the artifact’s gems are sent flying, it falls upon Yoshi and friends to find them. Luckily, saving the day can be cooperative and challenging. As Yoshi, you’ll leap up high, gulp down enemies, and set out on a treasure hunt to find all the different collectables. On the flip side, stages can be played backwards, providing new perspectives to explore and new ways to locate some of the more craftily hidden items! Available March 29, 2019 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Yoshi’s Crafted World looks and feels similar to games like Little Big Planet and Unraveled, as Yoshi & co. are depicted as miniature plushy figures living in a human-sized world. That means they’ll encounter obstacles in the form of massive cups, paper, and various other household items in an effort to re-form the Sundream Stone and thwart the villainous Kamek and Baby Bowser. Yoshi’s Crafted World will feature solo and two-player co-op.

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Keeping with the handcrafted theme, former Wii title, Kirby’s Epic Yarn is coming to the Nintendo 3DS on March 8, 2019 as Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn.  

In this enhanced version of the acclaimed Kirby’s Epic Yarn game that originally launched for the Wii system, Kirby is transported into a world made of cloth and yarn to unravel enemies, unzip secret passageways and transform into powerful vehicles. Every stage in the original Wii version is stitched in, but this Nintendo 3DS version has some new features, like Ravel Abilities that power up Kirby in fun ways, new mini-games featuring familiar faces King Dedede and Meta Knight, new furniture to personalize and decorate Kirby’s Pad, and a new Devilish mode that adds an extra layer of challenge to each stage.

Some of the Ravel Abilities include a giant yarn ball used to attack enemies, a wire sword that can slice through anything and the Nylon ability, which can generate wind for jumping higher and collecting beads.

Compatible Kirby series amiibos will also gift Kirby with hats and abilities based on the specific amiibo figure.  For more information, click here.

Yoshi’s Crafted World releases March 29, 2019, exclusively on Nintendo Switch Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn releases March 8, 2019 on Nintendo 3DS.