Nerd Approved: Green Lantern Annual #1 Comic Book Review

Nerd Approved: Green Lantern Annual #1 Comic Book Review

Every time I open an issue of Green Lantern I walk away from it wondering why I don't read it on a monthly basis. I got the same sensation when I closed the Green Lantern Annual #1. I knew immediately what I was reading was going to be one of those pivotal moments in comic book history. Will it change things for good? Does anything change permanently in the comic book world?


The Guardians first created an army of emotionless Manhunters to bring order to the Universe. When they went out of control, the fearless Green Lantern Corps was created to take control of the situation. According to the Guardians, the Lanterns have outlived their usefulness and caused chaos to spread.

A third army must rise to bring about order and exterminate the Green Lantern Corps. An army of soldiers drained of willpower that performs the bidding of the Guardians no matter what the order they give is. Can the Lanterns unite and keep the Guardians from creating their terrifying Third Army and taking away everyone's free will?

gl-6I honestly don't know when writer Geoff Johns sleeps. He definitely can't have any sort of social life with all the work he has to get done as the Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics and writer for the Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Justice League monthly titles. Does he just live in his DC office?

Yes, the story really is as complex and intriguing as it sounds. It's a tale that drives the reader to continue flipping pages until the bitter end. When you get there you're left frustrated that it will be an entire month before a new chapter will turn up.

gl-4Artist Ethan Van Sciver and Pete Woods aren't afraid to bring a horror element to the Green Lantern Universe. Some of the images readers will see in this first annual remind me of what I'd expect from Scott Snyder's Swamp Thing. Both artists do an incredible job of bringing Johns' words to visual life.

Green Lantern Annual #1 serves as the prologue to the "Rise of the Third Army" event which will spread out across the Green Lantern: New Guardians, Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, and Red Lanterns monthly titles. Anyone who reads this precursor will realize the cataclysmic consequences our super heroes could be facing in the future. It's an adventure you won't want to miss out on.