Booty-O’s is Now Part of Your Complete Breakfast


Have you ever watched WWE Tag Team Champions, The New Day, dance down the ramp with a box of Booty-O’s and wonder what it tastes like?  Well now you can be infused with all the Booticorn Power when you pick up your own box of Booty-O’s!

During Mattel and WWE‘s SDCC 2016 panel, they announced that the most positive cereal in the world will be available for purchase!  It won’t be in grocery stores, yet.  However, you can buy it at the f.y.e. online store

f.y.e. dates the boxes as being available as of August 5, 2016 for the expensive cereal price of $12.99.  However, unicorns and making sure you ain’t booty doesn’t come cheap.  Plus, the product description, alone, is enough to make even the most frugal person want to buy it!

Get your recommended daily value of Positivity, Unicorn Magic, and Trombone music! All part of a balanced New Day Breakfast! This delicious and nutritious New Day cereal comes with marshmallow shaped booty crowns, unicorn horns and rainbow hearts. Just add milk and feel the power!

So get it while supplies last because New Day Rocks…New Day Rocks…New Day Rocks…