Comic Book Review: The New 52: Futures End #0


The New 52: Futures End #0 looks to shake up the super hero universe once again when two time periods collide in an attempt to save the world as we know it. An electronic program calling itself Brother Eye moves across the Earth assimilating all humans who get in its way. There’s only two individuals left to save the world after most of the Justice League and their enemies are possessed by the hive-minded being. The original Batman sends future Dark Knight Terry McGinnis to the past to destroy Brother Eye before its created.

Writers Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Keith Giffen, and Dan Jurgens are tackling the story duties for The New 52: Futures End. There’s no telling what we can come to expect from a superb team of scribes featuring these heavy-hitters. Issue 0 is already playing out like an action-packed and tension-filled mash-up of Star Trek’s Borg and the super hero world of DC Comics.

Artists Dan Jurgens, Aaron Lopresti, Patrick Zircher, and Jesus Merino will visually realize the writing team’s work. The New 52: Futures End #0 promises intricate and vividly colored illustrations grounded in realism. Every panel of this introductory book jumps off the page at the reader thanks to the talent involved in the penciling and coloring.

I’m not going to say The New 52: Futures End is breaking any new ground. I immediately recognized elements from Star Trek and time travel movies like Back to the Future and 12 Monkeys. We live in a world where there’s truly nothing new under the sun. However, DC Comics does its very best to create something exciting for a new generation of readers.

The New 52: Futures End #0 is available free at comic book retailers everywhere on Free Comic Book Day.