Comic Review: Batman Arkham Knight #1


In Chapter 1 of the series, entitled “Death of a Rival,” the Joker is dead. Arkham City is closed. As a new day begins, Bruce Wayne finds himself in devastating pain, recovering from his injuries and questioning whether his role as Batman is still necessary to the city’s survival. But as the sun rises in Gotham City, dangerous new threats emerge from the shadows… and the Arkham Knight is just beginning.

Whereas I used to have issues venturing out of the regular continuity of the monthly Detective Comics and Batman titles, I’ve come to appreciate these little jaunts outside of the lines. It’s nice to travel into an alternate universe where anything goes and you can expect the unexpected. Different visions of the same world and characters take readers on new journeys of entertainment.

Batman: Arkham Knight #1 is rated T+ (Teen Plus). The book contains violence and gore and frightening and intense scenes. The art featuring a headshot with blood running from it and the Joker’s body on the autopsy table are just a couple instances where the illustrations might be a bit much for some younger readers.

Even if you don’t play video games, Peter J. Tomasi does a brilliant job of giving you an engaging story full of action and emotion that will make you want to come back for the next issue. Viktor Bogdanovic’s artwork provides the window to Tomasi’s soul in every disturbingly beautiful panel. Batman: Arkham Knight #1 leaves readers wanting more and does a great job showing the complexities Bruce Wayne runs into leading a double life.

Batman: Arkham Knight #1 is available now in print and Kindle editions.