Graphic Review: Batwing Volume 2: In the Shadow of the Ancients


Four different story arcs are presented in this book. “But There Were Consequences For Us” and “What I Am… Was Born of Death” wrap up the tale started in Volume 1. Batwing must bring down the evil Massacre. Their battle goes international as the butcher travels to Gotham City and plans to assassinate the last two members of the super hero team known as the Kingdom.

“You Have Been Judged Unworthy” pits Batwing against the Talon during the Night of the Owls. The Court of Owls has targeted Lucius Fox for assassination and it’s up to Africa’s Batman to keep him out of harm’s way. In the process, our hero has a crisis of conscience when he is asked to save the life of a corrupt African diplomat.

“Fight or Flight,” “I See All of It Now,” and “I Am One with This Land” has Batwing returning to his homeland just in time to take on Lord Battle. The megalomaniac will stop at nothing to protect and preserve his isolated kingdom. Batwing goes up against Battle and his minions with the help of Justice League International.

“They Will Pay for What They’ve Given Birth To” gives us background information on David Zavimbe’s first days as a masked crime fighter before becoming a member of Batman, Incorporated. We also get to see the first time Zavimbe and the Dark Knight meet.

Writer Judd Winick continues penning elaborate and suspenseful tales that keep the reader coming back for more. He takes the “Detective” from Detective Comics seriously and is always looking for a way to keep readers on their toes and in a state of wonder and surprise. He continues to show his love and loyalty to the character of Batwing and David Zavimbe. Winick successfully bares the emotional strain and stress the super hero experiences through his narrative.

Batwing Volume 2: In the Shadow of the Ancients is illustrated by several different artists. Marcus To handles a majority of the penciling. Dustin Nguyen starts the book out visually by finishing the Massacre storyline continued from Volume 1. Their styles vary quite a bit from each other. To’s artwork is more precise and realistic. However, Nguyen’s has a unique flavor and look to it that sets him apart from other artists.

As I finished reading Batwing Volume 2: In the Shadow of the Ancients, I found myself hoping that the book continues to do well and carries on. I don’t keep up with it on a regular basis, but I know David Zavimbe steps down from his role as Batwing and Luke Fox is taking over. Even though I haven’t reached that point in the series, I’m already prematurely mourning David’s departure and the close of his story. I felt he was a fresh and distinctive addition to the Batman Family and will miss him.

Batwing Volume 2: In the Shadow of the Ancients is available now in paperback and Kindle editions.