Even Super Heroes Get Old

Even Super Heroes Get Old

Yes, it’s sad but true. It happens folks. Even super heroes get old. We don’t like to think about it, if we ever do, but the heydays of crime fighting and glory can’t last forever.


So what would happen if we took snapshots from a day in the life of super heroes who are past their prime? Would they be living large on yachts in the Mediterranean or golfing at exclusive country clubs in Palm Springs? Or would they be sitting in the lap of luxury holed up in their swank Beverly Hills mansions?

Think again. These images tell a story of lives with no purpose, of once lauded heroes long forgotten and discarded by a society who once celebrated them as idols and saviors. Now it seems they exist with nothing left but the memories of a long gone and golden era.


Do you recognize this face?


It also looks like the lines between good guys and bad guys have been blurred if not completely erased because, let's be honest here, misery does like company.


Alas, these former badasses of villainy don’t seem to be faring any better.

Let’s hope these images don’t predict what’s in store for these iconic super heroes and super villains in the future.