IDW Comics Announces New Projects Featuring Iconic Characters, and New Series From Popular Creative Talents

IDW Comics Announces New Projects Featuring Iconic Characters, and New Series From Popular Creative Talents


San Diego Comic Con is the time for plugging future projects and IDW Comics is unveiling new ventures featuring iconic characters like Doctor Who and Little Nemo, as well as new series from popular creative talents such as Walter Simonson and Dave Simm.



IDW, the award-winning, San Diego based publisher of comics, graphic novels and trade paperbacks is releasing a myriad of new projects at Comic Con. First up, in honor of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, comes the Doctor Who Special, which will arrive during the final week of 2013, written by Paul Cornell and illustrated by Jimmy Broxton. The plot:  A strange force flings the TARDIS and the Doctor into our own universe! Once here, the Doctor encounters a 10-year-old girl who happens to be a huge fan of the Doctor Who TV show. The Doctor grapples with being a fictional character as well as and a monster lurking at the girl’s school on the way to coming face-to-face with the actor who portrays him, Matt Smith! Also, a collaboration between BBC Worldwide and IDW Publishing has resulted in an new maxi-series by writer Andy Diggle,  featuring all 11 doctors in Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time, as well as a Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who crossover.


IDW publishing has also announced a new creator-owned series by comic legend Walter Simonson, called Ragnarök, which will explore Norse mythology. It features the mythical deities that Simonson utilized so well during his run on Thor. Simonson said he “has been working on a creator-owned book involving the Norse gods since 15 years ago, but as many of my former editors can tell you, I've always regarded deadlines as useful fictions. So here we are... finally! All I can say is that I've loved the stories of the Viking gods since I was eight.”


Cerebus creator Dave Sim has made a new series about an adventure through the history of photo-realistic artwork, the career and death of Alex Raymond, and other things. Originally a self-published work, it is being completely re-mastered and redrawn before its release as an 18-issue series. Titled The Strange Death Of Alex Raymond, Simm’s as-yet uncompleted work-in-progress looks at the history of photo-realism in comics, focusing on the work of comic-strip artist Alex Raymond (Creator of Flash Gordon) and the odd circumstances of his death on September 6, 1956.


Sam Kieth’s cult comic The Maxx is returning to comic stores with completely re-mastered and re-colored printings of the original series. Kieth’s visual artistry and quirky stories struck a note with readers who had never seen anything like it before. The Maxx explored the strange relationship between two realities, following the dual perspective of a man caught between the dismalness of the real world and a heroic fantasy realm called The Outback. It ran for 30 issues and became a popular animated series on MTV. The Maxx: Maxximized will have brand-new painted covers by Sam Kieth.


Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, made popular by the successful film featuring Ron Perelman, will be showcased in Artist’s Edition format, collecting the first five issues of Hellboy in Hell. The Plot: After making the ultimate sacrifice, Hellboy must confront what Hell has in store for him. Alone, he faces the demons of his past as Mignola reveals the dark secrets that could define Hellboy’s legacy. Also, several shorter works will be included in this volume.


Finally, Winsor McCay’s Classic Little Nemo in Slumberland is being brought back in a sequel made by a talented creative team who are fans of McCay’s original work. Titled Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland, it will be written by Multi-Eisner Award-winning writer and artist Eric Shanower (Age of Bronze), and will continue to explore Nemo’s amazing dream world. First appearing in the New York Herald in 1905 as a comic strip, the long-running Little Nemo in Slumberland followed the dreams of young Nemo, as he encountered strange characters, and travelled across the world of dreams, often finding himself in bizarre and surreal situations. Writer Shanower will be joined by Locke & Key co-creator and Eisner-nominated artist, Gabriel Rodriguez!. The Plot: Nemo sets out on a new voyage in the familiar realm of Slumberland. However, everything is different now…even Nemo himself. King Morpheus is in search of a new playmate for the princess of Slumberland, and enlists the Candy Kid to help bring the last playmate—Nemo—into the dream realm, where Nemo embarks on a new adventure.