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Holy Retro! Internet Petition Wants Adam West to Appear in Man of Steel 2

Spearheaded by the cable network MeTV, an online petition is circulating, demanding a role for former TV Batman Adam West in Man of Steel 2: Superman vs. Batman.

MeTV—which stands for Memorable Entertainment Television—is a retro cable network that airs only pre-cable TV programs. They’ve taken it upon themselves to start a petition which will get Adam West, who starred in the popular 1960s Batman series, a part in the next DC film.

MeTV writes, “There's been so much talk about the cast of the upcoming Batman film, we just had to chime in. We believe that it's always best to stick with a classic - and Adam West is pure memorable entertainment. Join us in our quest for West - sign our petition and leave a comment to show your support for putting Adam West in the new Batman film. We hope to present this petition and comments to the man himself!

batman petition banner

Keep in mind that the petition is not asking for West to replace Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne, but simply for him to have a part in the upcoming film. The movement is meant to honor West, not to insult Affleck. So far, the petition has gotten almost 4,000 signitures in its first few days.

For anyone who wants to sign the petition, it can be found HERE.

Would you want to see Adam West have a role in Man of Steel 2, or would he be too out of place?

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