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Governor's Creek is the Intro That The Walking Dead Needs

The Walking Dead is nearing it's mid-season finale and it's last couple of episodes have focused solely on the villainous Governor and the adventures he's been having in the time since the end of season three.  In a lot of ways these episodes have felt like an entirely separate show with it's own characters.  Taking this idea further, a YouTuber has taken footage from these last couple of episodes and mashed it together with the theme from Dawson's Creek to create an intro that's simply amazing.

You know what's really sad about this?  I would watch the Hell out of this show if it were real.  Seriously, a Governor-centric soap opera type drama...yeah, I'd be all over that in a heartbeat.  This mash-up works so well because these episodes have been tyring to show a different side of the Governor (which didn't last long) and this Dawson's Creek idea just sort of fits.  Kind of scary.   


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